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Specialist Roofs

No roof is the same.  And with many different designs of building, specialist roofs maybe required for use.

These maybe towards the material used, the way it is applied. Possibilities are endless.

With old listed buildings it will be essential that the building will look like what it did before, so specialist materials may be needed.

In the other instance brand new roofing may need to be carried out, with brand new materials. These could include solar panel roofs. Solar panel roofs use the natural solar energy provided by the sun and generate electricity from this. Over years solar power has become increasingly popular. This is due to the fact more people are becoming aware of global warming and also with rising electricity costs it is a better environmental and economic option.

In business it will help you in the long run in reducing CO2 emissions and reducing energy costs. No matter what the size of the building, solar panels can be suited for your business, large or small.

Other types of roofing are the special single membrane roofs. These are special rubber roofs that are put on flat roofs to prevent leaks. Roofs are weak points of a house and flat roofs are even weaker. If they let in leaks and moisture it allows for damp and mould to spread internally and externally. In severe cases it will create structural damage to the building. Therefore it is vital that your roof is constructed well using the right materials. With the use of improved technologies and well trained workers you will have a dry building with a safe roof. The use of membrane roofs is being used now more and more as they have much more benefits than that of the older layered bitumen roofs.

Another type of roofing popularly used is cladding. This mainly industrial roof is used in a variety of ways. It is an improving form of roofing and just like any other sector you will need specialist teams who know how to use this material.